Snow Plowing Procedures

The role of the dpw when it snows

Priority of the DPW during a snowstorm is to ensure that all roads are open for the safe passage of essential and emergency vehicles, including fire, police and EMS, so that they will be able to get to your home in the event of an emergency.

what areas are plowed

Snow is ONLY removed only from public areas that may present a hazard to motorists or pedestrians. The DPW does not plow the snow on county roads. For a list of those roads that run through Fort Lee, please click here.

Private properties are in charge of their own snow removal and are asked to do so responsibly with regard to others property and handicap spaces. By no means is snow from private properties to be dumped in any public areas, streets or Borough property, and will result in a summons.  

parking in the snow

Unfortunately, with snow accumulation, parking becomes an inconvenience. Certain streets are subject to no parking ordinances when the road is covered with snow. We strongly encourage residents with driveways to utilize them during and after snowfall to allow all essential and emergency vehicles to easily get through, and leave parking for residents with no driveways. Please be mindful of streets that have "No Parking When Road is Snow Covered" signs. This is for your safety and will allow plows, emergency vehicles and garbage trucks to pass through the streets easily. If vehicles are parked on posted streets, they will receive a summons, and if not removed, they will be subject to being towed. 

The Parking Authority allows residents to park in the nearest municipal parking lot. During snowstorms when vehicles must be removed from the street for snow removal, the Parking Authority allows residents to park in the nearest municipal parking lot. All vehicles must be removed once vehicles are allowed back on the streets. Please sign up for alerts at, enter zip code and follow prompts for sign up, this will allow you to be informed when vehicles are permitted back on the streets as well as other Borough alerts and advisory notices. You can also text 07024 to 888777 to sign-up.

Removal Requirements for Residents & Businesses

Residents are required to clear the snow 12 hours after the storm ends; business owners, commercial properties & apartment buildings must clear the snow four (4) daylight hours after the storm ends.

All commercial contractors hired to plow and remove snow in town are required to be licensed and follow the rules and regulations of the Borough of Fort Lee. At no time is snow to be disposed of into the street from the property, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. All snow blowers should be directed to blow snow back onto the property. After the streets are plowed and salted, snow deposited back into the roadway creates hazardous situations, causing additional plowing of the streets, as well as blocking of parked vehicles and driveways after the original cleanup. Summons will be issued for non-compliance. (Borough Code-Ordinance: 388-37)

Street sweeping during the snow

There will be NO STREET SWEEPING when the roads are snow covered!


Any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the DPW at 201-592-3632. The DPW is open weekdays, 7am-3:30pm, and some holidays. 


In the event of an emergency during a snowstorm that occurs outside of operational hours, contact the non-emergency number for the Fort Lee Police Department at 201-592-3700. They will notify a DPW supervisor immediately.