Winter Weather

Winter storms are deceptive killers since most of the deaths that occur are indirectly related to the actual storm.

Winter Weather Facts

  • People die in traffic accidents on icy roads
  • People die of heart attacks while shoveling snow
  • People die of hypothermia from prolonged exposure to the cold

Winter Weather Terms of the National Weather Service

  • Blizzard Warning: Issued when snow and strong winds will combine to produce blinding snow (visibilities near zero/white-outs), deep snow drifts, and life-threatening wind chill.
  • Wind Chill: What the temperature feels like to the human body based on both air temperature and wind speed.
  • Wind Chill Advisory: Issued when potentially dangerous wind chill readings (-20 to -34 degrees Fahrenheit) are expected.
  • Wind Chill Watch: Issued when life-threatening wind chill readings (-35 degrees Fahrenheit or lower) are possible.
  • Wind Chill Warning: Issued when wind chill readings (-35 degrees or lower) are expected to be life-threatening.
  • Winter Weather Advisory: Issued when winter conditions (snow, sleet, and/or freezing rain/ice) are expected to cause significant inconvenience and may be hazardous.
  • Winter Storm Watch: Issued when severe winter conditions (heavy snow and/or significant freezing rain/ice) are possible within the next day or two.
  • Winter Storm Warning: Issued when severe winter conditions have begun or are about to begin in your area. Six inches or more of snow and/or ice accumulations of 1/4 inch or more.