Engine Company Number 4

The southern portion of the borough, known as the Palisade section, was a heavily wooded tract of land in which many expensive homes were built. As the area was being developed their need for fire protection was becoming evident. So on the night of January 9, 1906 a group of public-spirited citizens gathered together and formed Palisade Company Number 4. At first the unit was but as an auxiliary company to both Fort Lee and Palisades Park, but later the factions in the company split with some going to Fort Lee and the rest going to Palisades Park. 

When Fort Lee took jurisdiction of the land west of Abbott Boulevard to the present border, the company was reunited. Palisade Company Number 4 received their first piece of apparatus, a hose wagon, which was purchased by the town and originally assigned to Fire Protective Association Number 1. Among those who were members of Company Number 4 in the past were Richard Bennett, actor and father of the Bennett sisters - Constance and Joan Bennett; authors Baily Mallard and Arthur Carson; doctors Burton Opitz and Walter Rautenstrauch.