Rent Leveling Board

Rent Leveling Board Meeting for 2023


The Rent Leveling Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise noted) at Borough Hall (309 Main Street, in Conference Room 201) at 7:30pm.


  • Peter Suh, Council Liaison
    Term Expires: 2023
  • Charles Sobel, Member
    Term Expires: 2023
  • Sandra Dermon, Member
    Term Expires: 2025
  • George Porto, Landlord Representative
    Term Expires: 2025
  • William A. Caruso, Member
    Term Expires: 2023
  • VACANCY, Member
    Term Expires: 2024
  • Paul Leale, Member
    Term Expires: 2025
  • Susan Wielkocz, Member
    Term Expires: 2024

Rent Leveling Office

The Rent Leveling Office is now being administered by the Fort Lee Housing Authority:

Sylvia Ruiz, Rent Leveling Board Administrator
1403 Teresa Drive (off 10th Street), Fort Lee
Phone: 201-676-3008