Street Sweeping Enforcement

The Parking Authority issues summonses for street cleaning throughout the year. It is the motorist's responsiblity to take note of the sweeper signs posted on either side of their streets. Our Parking Enforcement Officers will always be directly in front of the sweeper or no less than half a block ahead. Signs are posted for 8am-12pm noon. Although the street cleaner usually arrives earlier than noon, it would be wise not to return until after noon to that posted sweeper day. Please mark your calendars accordingly. It is important that our streets be cleaned and, in order to do this, your vehicle must be moved. Sweeper summons penalites are $34. If you are not sure which day your block gets swept, please feel free to contact the Parking Authority at your earliest convenience.  Also, please notify the Parking Authority if you notice any faded or missing signs.

During the winter months, the sweeper may go out if there is a warm day or stretch of warm days where the weather allows for the sweeper to operate.  It is recommended that anytime between October 1st and March 1st you contact the Parking Authority if you plan on parking on your designated sweeper side of the street on any given day that the weather appears to be nice enough for the sweeper to operate to find out if the sweeper will be going out.  Anytime after March 1st it is recommended you follow the sweeper signs as stated.

Street Sweeping Schedule