My car was impounded by the Fort Lee Police. How do I get it back?

To retrieve the car, the registered owner of the vehicle must respond to Fort Lee Police Headquarters in person and obtain a release for the vehicle. The owner should bring a valid driver's license, valid registration, and a valid proof of insurance. This procedure is for routine police impounds may not apply if the vehicle is being held for investigative purposes. 

Towing Fees

When you come for the release, the Fort Lee Police will direct you to the impound yard. Towing and storage fees will apply and are payable to the tow service at the time of pick up. The Fort lee Police Department uses several different tow services on a rotating basis. Towing and storage fees are covered by Borough Ordinance. For questions regarding the towing or storage fees of your vehicle, please contact Traffic Officer Cuevas 201-592-3515. 

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